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     Parenting Advice For Young And Old Alike!

Parenting can be very rewarding if you take the time to master the skills needed to carry out the job correctly. This article offers advice on getting the most out of the experience of being a mother or father.

You do not always need to spend a fortune on a nursery products. You can purchase good quality baby items at department stores.

Newborns and young children should not need to drink any kind of soda.

Every parent needs an occasional break from taking care of their children.

“Touch gently” is a more positive twist on a rule that doesn’t allow hitting.

By taking out some of their overlooked toys from the bottom of their toy chest, you set artificial novelty and variety to their playtime.
Many airports now have these special lines. This allows you to not be rushed or feel that other travelers are getting impatient with your children through the longer lines. Everything is going to have to go through an x-ray machine, and that includes car seats and the children’s shoes.

These kinds of routines help your kids to build their social skills and develop friendships, which can help your child all the way through adulthood.
Encouraging your child to play team sports will help increase his or her self-esteem.
You need to recognize that not every child is sociable. Some kids are quite shy, but that is acceptable. If your child is more withdrawn than normal, it might be wise to schedule an appointment with a doctor to be sure that there aren’t any issues that you were unaware of.
Children love praise; give it to them when they behave well. If being well-behaved does not get their parents’ attention, they may turn to bad behavior to get it. Parents who fail to provide their children with positive attention for being good may actually encouraging them to behave poorly.

As you have read, a little knowledge can go quite a distance in turning the difficulties of parenting into surmountable challenges. Using the knowledge that other, more experienced parents have already gained can help you parent your own child with more success. Try out this advice today!

Kids and Changing Food Favorites

     One day, he couldn’t care less about bananas, and then all of a sudden he wants to eat them all day, every day. And then as suddenly as it started, it ends and bananas are no longer welcome. Does this sound familiar? It’s not at all uncommon.

Children often go on short-lived jags where a particular food is their absolute favorite thing in the world. For a while, it seems they just can’t get enough, and then they move on. The same foods may come and go, or it might be a new food every time. While these food jags aren’t normally problematic, there are a few potential issues to be on the lookout for.

Too Much of a Good Thing

If your child has decided that a certain fruit, such as grapes, are the top food of the day, you might be pleased that he is eating something healthy without any sort of prodding whatsoever. Certainly it’s one of the better choices for a food obsession, but it is possible to have too much of even a healthy food.

Certain foods when eaten in large quantities can be detrimental to a child’s health. They may cause diarrhea or the opposite, constipation, or simply gas. On the worse end of the scale, it is actually possible to get too much of certain vitamins, which can wind up causing health problems. There are good reasons why nutrition experts recommend a balanced and varied children diet, and eating too much of one food is only one of them.

Missing Out on Other Foods

When your child decides that one particular food is the only thing she is interested in eating, she may give up on eating other important foods in favor of her current pick. Even if she has decided she wants to eat nothing but broccoli, she needs more than what this admittedly very healthy food can provide. Eating all types of different foods from all of the food groups is necessary to keep the body healthy, energetic and strong.

If your child is on a food jag, don’t deny the food, but consider offering it as a secondary choice after she finishes the other foods on her plate. She needs to get the right nutrition, especially when she is growing and developing so rapidly, so make an effort to get around the food jag and get other options into your kid’s diet.

An Unhealthy Obsession

Most kids would rather eat chocolate than vegetables, but going on a junk food jag is never a good idea. While it’s ok to ride out an obsession with a healthier food, if your child suddenly decides she is eating nothing but French fries you will have to step in and put an end to it. Luckily, most food jags tend to involve relatively healthy foods most parents wouldn’t hesitate to allow their child to eat.

Most of these food kicks won’t last for a long enough period of time to do any real damage to your child’s health, and as long as the food in question provides nutrition without a lot of empty calories, it’s generally ok to let it go. Keep an eye out for any signs of a problem, however, and continue to encourage your child to try other foods and move away from the favorite a little bit. It’s likely the jag will end on its own before it can be a problem, but vigilance is always a good idea.

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Baby Food Jar Craft Tips

     Sounds great and you are already feeling enthusiastic. The big question is: what exactly can you make out of baby food jars?

Some baby food jar crafts are excellent for beginners and demand little preparation and creative skills. You can even come up with your own creative ideas. In case you are looking for inspiration, keep on reading to discover some effective and fun ideas.

Spice Jars
If you want to organize your spices and herbs, you can easily turn baby food jars into spice jars.

The simplest way to do that is to add a label to each baby food jar. Use a beautiful decorative font and print the labels on stickers.

Another option is to turn the jars into something more decorative and aesthetically pleasing. Use paint to transform the baby food jars. Paint on the outside so that the herbs and spices inside remain fresh and safe.

Candle Holders
A baby jar will make a beautiful candle holder. If you feel like it, you can create gel wax candles.

A simpler option is to use a tea candle. The jar itself can be painted so that the light of the candle becomes colored. Use pebbles, seashells and dried leaves. Pour some water inside the baby jar and gently place the tea candle inside.

Animal Figures
Have fun together with your children. Turn the baby food jars into cute animal figures. A bunny is one of the easiest things to make together with your little ones.
Cut the ears out of cardboard and stick those to the top of the jar. You can either leave it transparent or have it painted white in advance. Once the paint dries, you can continue decorating.

Draw the eyes. You can use pepper grains or other black spheres to make the eyes. A cotton ball will turn into a beautiful rabbit tail. Draw the mouth of the rabbit and make the front teeth of cardboard. A pom pom will get transformed into the rabbit nose.

Potpourri Jars
Potpourri jars require little effort and can become wonderful homemade gifts for your dearest friends.

To make potpourri jars, you will need your favorite type of potpourri, ribbons and baby food jars. You will need the jar lids, as well. Get any other items that you will need to get the jar decorated.

Get your potpourri of preference inside the jar. Have several wholes cut into the lid and close the jar. Cover with lace, colorful paper or any other type of permeable material. This is important, as you would want the smell to be emitted in a delicate way.
Use the ribbon to tie the ‘membrane’ and decorate in any way that you find appropriate and pleasing.

Snow Globes
A snow globe can be made out of a baby food jar. These snow globes will decorate your home or will turn into beautiful Christmas gifts for your friends and dearest relatives.
Get the baby food jars cleaned and color the lids. Place decorative object inside – pebbles, plastic snowflakes, seashells. If you want to keep objects inside static, stick those to the bottom of the jar. Add a tiny bit of glitter. Fill the jar with water and close tightly.

Your snow globes are ready. Now you can either decorate the glass of the jar or you can keep the design clean and minimalist.

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